AIM ASIA Founder-President Bishop Dr. Joab Lohara

met with the honorable Minister for IT, MA & UD

Shri. KTR Garu on April 8, 2020 and handed out a check for

CM RELIEF FUND (COVID-19). He was very quick to tweet in the same

afternoon thanking Bishop Lohara for the contribution of AIM ASIA.







During the 31st Anniversary celebrations held in November 2017, all the workers of AIM ASIA, field and the support staff gathered in Hyderabad to commemorate God’s blessings and His faithfulness in sustaining the work for over three decades.



It was indeed a great show to have Telangana Police Band play for the grand parade on the first day.

In the inaugural speech delivered by the founding-president Dr. Joab Lohara, he recalled numerous blessings, joys and hardships the organization had faced during the past years while serving the poor and the disenfranchised.

“AIM ASIA started in a two-room rented house with just one staff,” his voice choked as his eyes were diffused with tears. “Today we see so many thousands of people being helped by the organization. Wehave taken the poorest of the poor children and put them through university education. We have taken the unskilled laborers and taught them trades to eke out a living. We have provided employment to so many people in our offices, schools, colleges, hostels, and service projects that run under our banner.”

He called upon AIM ASIA family and those associated with it to remain committed and to run the race to the finish line.   

To mark the celebration, the president announced a number of new projects for the benefit of the poor including study help to over 200 children in Kodad area.

Phone: +91-40-27175308







Ten tube and motor Wells were provided in Chhatisgarh and Odisha. The women of these villages used to walk miles to fetch water from mud holes in rice fields, open wells and contaminated ponds.

Drinking unsafe water, they were in danger of water-born diseases and serious health hazards. AIM ASIA saw the joy on the faces of the people, especially women and children when the WELL was provided.  As the water gushed out of the earth, the children splashed it into their faces in sheer jubilation. They had never seen safe drinking water in such abundance right in front of their homes. The village elders were thankful for such a gift as this.

Dear Friend, you may be in a situation where the water you flash out in your toilets is cleaner than what most people drink in most parts of the world. You are perhaps having a home where clean water is abundantly available.

But there are thousands of villages where women walk miles carrying a pitcher on their head so they can get some water for the family. One way to share your water with people in crisis is to use your water discreetly. Another way to help them is to donate funds to provide a well to a village or slum in scarcity of water.

It is a Friendship Well!


It is for everyone that comes by it!

Phone: +91-40-27175308